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Information is provided as a basic summary only. Details on coverage, discounts, special promotions, variations, and pricing can be obtained by contacting Matthew Oblon, National Service Manager, toll-free, at 1-800-800-3106.

The Full Service Agreement

Our most popular agreement, it is the most cost-effective program available. The Full Service Agreement includes:

  • All replacement parts
  • All probes
  • One annual preventive maintenance call
  • All travel and labor costs
  • Telephone technical assistance
  • Under this agreement, service is rendered 24 hours/day, 7 days/week (excluding Hitachi Healthcare holidays).

Customer Support Agreement

This agreement is intended to support qualified biomedical technicians who are direct employees of our customers. Attendance by our customer's designated service provider in an Hitachi Healthcare sponsored training seminar is typically required.

In addition, initial screening of service problems and some troubleshooting with Hitachi Healthcare personnel via telephone is expected to be performed by the customer. Finally, all Hitachi Healthcare equipment (of the same Model) at the customer site must be included in the agreement.

This agreement covers:

  • All replacement parts
  • All probes
  • All telephone technical assistance
  • No travel and labor is provided as part of this contract.

PM Only Contract

This agreement provides for either one or two (based on customer preference) preventive maintenance inspections. These inspections include detailed operational, calibration, and safety checks of the system.

  • This agreement does not provide for any replacement parts or probes, and does not provide for any travel and labor costs.

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Direct: 1-330-425-1313
Toll Free: 1-800-800-3106