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ProSound F37 for Breast


ProSound F37 Overview

Thoroughly simple and compact. As a user-friendly diagnostic ultrasound system full of functional and ergonomic features, F37 is ready to be your partner.

The F37’s simple operational features provide an easy and smooth workflow. The necessary controls for routine examinations are intuitively laid out, with high priority on reducing the examiner's operation steps. Imaging features inherited from higher-class models provide a work environment for concentrated examinations.

ProSound F37 Compound Pulse Wave Generator (CPWG) ProSound F37 Compound Pulse Wave Generator (CPWG) ProSound F37 Broadband Harmonics™ (BbH) Click image to enlarge ProSound F37  Adaptive Image Processing (AIP) Click image to enlarge ProSound F37 Spatial Compound Imaging (SCI) ProSound F37 Image Optimizer Image Optimizer OFF ProSound F37 Image Optimizer Image Optimizer ON ProSound F37 Overview ProSound F37SmartProbes

ProSound F37 Image Technology

Clear images and advanced functions are what you have come to expect from Hitachi – Aloka. Our 60 years of experience and innovation continues with the ProSound F37 platform.

  • Overview
  • Compound Pulse Wave Generator (CPWG) – The most advanced broadband beam-forming technology combined with high speed image processing that allows for higher definition ultrasound imaging than ever before.
  • Broadband Harmonics™ (BbH) – Provides high quality imaging using an expanded range of harmonic signals. This technology results in excellent image resolution and sensitivity and improved penetration.
  • Adaptive Image Processing (AIP) – Clearly displays differences in tissues, reducing speckle noise while maintaining the frame rate. It can also display outlines more clearly by selectively emphasizing boundaries.
  • Spatial Compound Imaging (SCI) – The ultrasound beam is transmitted and received in real time and in the multiple directions resulting in a reduction of speckle noise, suppression of artifacts, and improvement of contrast resolution allowing lesions to be clearly observed.
  • Image Optimizer – At the touch of a button the B-mode image is instantly optimized to the user’s preference. This technology continually monitors the user’s typical settings to optimally adjust the image when pressed resulting in less manual adjustments and more efficient examinations.
  • SmartProbes – The new high-efficiency probes are very lightweight and designed to be high in energy conversion to transmit high-quality ultrasound beams without raising the temperature on the probe surface.
ProSound F37 Ergonomics

ProSound F37 Ergonomics

Examinations using the endocavity probe are essential for various gynecological and infertility examinations. With the F37, these examinations have become friendlier to the examiner and patient.

  • The image quality contributes to reduction of examination time
  • Patient-friendly examinations enabled by the small size of the probe
  • Basic measurement results can be transferred onto the report
  • Unique probe holder for endocavity probes
ProSound F37 Ergonomics

ProSound F37 Features

Silky Image Processing (SIP)

Reduces artifacts and noise and clarifies tissue borders, enabling easier observation.

Silky Image Processing

Real-time 3D/4D

Real-time 3D allows the acquisition, optimization, manipulation and analysis of structures in 3D and Real-time 3D (4D).

Real-time 3D/4D

Breast Clinical Images

ProSound F37 - Breast


ProSound F37 - Breast Solid Lesions

Breast Solid Lesions

ProSound F37 - Breast   Solid Lesion

Breast Solid Lesion

ProSound F37 - Breast SolidLesion

Breast SolidLesion

ProSound F37 - Breast Multislice

Breast Multislice

ProSound F37 - Breast MPR

Breast MPR

ProSound F37 - Breast Cysts

Breast Cysts

ProSound F37 - Breast 3DMultislice

Breast 3DMultislice

ProSound F37 - Breast Cysts

Breast Cysts

ProSound F37 - Breast SolidLesion

Breast SolidLesion

ProSound F37 - Breast


Build Your Own ProSound F37

Hitachi Healthcare is proud of the reputation we’ve built as an industry leader in Women’s Imaging. Our F37 system is a user-friendly diagnostic ultrasound system full of functional and ergonomic features guaranteed to provide a smooth workflow.

Build your own 2D or 3D system below and find out how much you can save with Hitachi Healthcare. Contact us at 1-800-800-3106 if you have any questions or want to schedule a demonstration.

Product Part Number Qty
Ob/Gyn Ultrasound Console - F37 2D F37 2D
Ob/Gyn Ultrasound Console - F37 3D F37 3D
HP Color Printer HP-1010
Sony Black & White Printer UP-D897MD
2D Abdominal Probe UST-9123More Info
2D Endovaginal Probe UST-9124More Info
3D Abdominal Probe ASU-1014More Info
3D Endovaginal Probe ASU-1012More Info
Current subtotal: $ 00,000.00
Savings: (%) $ 00,000.00
Cost after savings: $ 00,000.00

Build your own F37 ultrasound system, add your accessories, and find out the price in just a few easy clicks. Provide us the following information and we will get started!

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