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Hitachi Aloka Medical at ASE 2015

July 13, 2015

Boston, MA - Hitachi Aloka Medical was proud to participate in the 2015 ASE Scientific Sessions beginning June 13th in Boston Massachusetts.

At Hitachi Aloka Medical, we are committed to delivering the latest innovations in cardiovascular diagnostics. We are proud to be active in the advancement of cardiovascular ultrasound as an ASE Industry Roundtable partner. Hitachi Aloka Medical also sponsored the FASE Lounge at the ASE 2015 Scientific Sessions.

At ASE, Hitachi Aloka Medical showcased its innovative technology, Vector Flow Mapping (VFM). VFM evaluates flow dynamics in the heart and vessels in a whole new way. Evaluating pre and post-surgical ventricular and trans valvular blood flow, cardiomyopathies, along with LVAD compliance are just some of the ways VFM may help to assess complicated hemodynamics. Using the Arietta 70 ultrasound system and advanced VFM software, new parameters like Vorticity, Energy Loss, Circulation and Wall Shear Stress can be analyzed.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to stop by the Hitachi Aloka Medical and the FASE Lounge so you could meet and get to know our company.

About Hitachi Aloka Medical America, Inc.
Hitachi Aloka Medical America, Inc. is committed to delivering advanced diagnostic ultrasound systems and solutions to meet the needs of physicians and patients. With its U.S. and Canadian headquarters in Wallingford, CT, Hitachi Aloka Medical America employs local sales, service and clinical applications professionals across the nations.

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