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Surgery / Surgical Oncology

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Dedicated Intraoperative Ultrasound Solutions for Surgical Oncologists.

Hitachi Healthcare understands that Surgical Oncologists demand excellence in their operating rooms — from their staff and the equipment they depend on. Hitachi Healthcare's dedication to Surgical Oncologists provides outstanding ultrasound technology, professional support and the specialized tools necessary to best perform comprehensive real-time ultrasound imaging.

Hitachi Healthcare offers premium level solutions that include:

  • Ease of use
  • Extraordinary high-resolution digital imaging
  • Exceptional transducers for use during open and laparoscopic procedures
    • Tumor localization & staging
    • Ablation
    • Resection
    • Biopsy
    • Transplant
    • Abdominal exploration
    • Robotic surgery
  • Multi-Parametric imaging modalities including:
    • B-Mode
    • Color Doppler
    • Elastography
    • Contrast Imaging
  • Smart digital data management
  • Fully customizable to meet specific needs
  • Needle guides and accessories designed to work with your transducers

Surgery Applications



Next Generation Ultrasound…The Arietta 70 is the system of choice for surgery.

The Arietta 70 is the premier system for surgical procedures and incorporates all of the proven technologies and functions that surgeons have come to expect from Hitachi Healthcare. It offers superb performance, outstanding image quality and advanced transducer technology for use during surgical procedures.

ProSound Alpha 7

ProSound Alpha 7

Powerful. Compact. User-friendly. The ProSound Alpha 7 is a proven surgical solution.

The Alpha 7 is the mid-range system for surgical procedures as it inherits many of the proven technologies and functions of Hitachi Healthcare's high-end products. In doing so the Alpha 7 provides outstanding performance and transducer technology for precise real-time ultrasound imaging that surgeon’s demand.